Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introducing ... Tailwind

Unfortunately I can't do one of those big introductory voices through text otherwise it would be a fun way to start this.

I just returned from a quick trip to Durango to visit some old friends, Jenny and Jeff, and to see some of the Race Across America teams comes through Durango. I met both while living in Seattle and I thoroughly enjoyed
the drive and the visit!
While I was there I had a chance to talk with Jenny and Jeff quite a bit about their new venture - Tailwind Nutrition. Tailwind has just launched a new Endurance Fuel a few months ago and Jenny has been itching to get me to try it. On a short and easy Monday run I did take some Tailwind with me and my first impression was that I liked it. It was indeed easy my stomach. They graciously gave me a few packets to try when I got home, which I will do. This isn't a review - that will come later after I've tried it on more runs.

What was far more interesting to me was our discussion about Tailwind, how it started, what the premise is, what the differentiation factor is. We talked through quite a few things like research, quality of ingredients, size of the company, marketing challenges, and so on.

Where the discussion came to at one point was about the people and company behind a product. What's the company like? What's their motivation? Are they truly bringing their passion to what they offer? This is entirely a reflection of the people, especially in a small company. For me it's important to know that the people that work there believe in what they are doing and have winning motivations for themselves and their customers. That kind of quality and personality is what really stands out and makes a difference.

I certainly want a high quality, well thought out, product that works for me. But if I had to choose between two products from different companies, the people and the company would make the difference to me about which I would choose.

Jenny and Jeff are fantastic people and they have come up with a new product that's very worth considering. Without more trail I can't say any more about how effective it is, but so far according to them the evidence suggests it's accomplishing what it set out to do. Moreso though, consider Tailwind because of who's behind it and the passion they bring to life in this new fuel.

World - say hello to Tailwind Nutrition.

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